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Career Manager for Students

Professional development centres around building and maintaining competence: the recognised knowledge, skills and attributes needed to deliver results in a chosen field.  Having a professional development plan means the IET can support your students in reaching their goals faster and more effectively. Keeping their development under review will ensure they progress in the right direction and achieve their learning outcomes.

IET Career Manager

Encourage your students to use IET Career Manager: our online development recording and planning tool. They will be able to seize control of their professional life by keeping an up-to-date record of their education, learning and development in one central place and, if they choose, producing and creating a CV for prospective employers.

In addition, if you have students pursuing technician registration on their work placement year, Career Manager will provide the support and guidance they need to record their experience, assess their progress and apply for their professional qualification.  

Using Career Manager regularly is a fantastic habit-forming process for a student; as they begin to review and recognise their skills, they will start to see ways to develop. In addition, using an industry specific tool helps them to demonstrate their competence and commitment to an employer against a recognised engineering framework when they move into a working environment.


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Benefits of using the system

  • It helps students stand out from the crowd by demonstrating that they’re taking their professional development seriously

  • Creating a professional-looking CV from the personal details summary and presenting a competence record to prospective employers will assist with gaining interviews, or a place on a graduate scheme or industrial placement

  • Mentors and academics can interact with students and their Career Manager records, for example, by reviewing competence assessments via guest ticket functionality. Most of the reports can also be exported into Word or pdf format and shared via email

  • The student’s record is portable – they’ll be able to take their career history and development record with them, making it a valuable tool for life

  • Familiarisation with the UK-SPEC [new window] and other industry specific frameworks will give students a head start on their Initial Professional Development (IPD).

Key functionality 

Your students will be able to:

  • Access Career Manager 24/7 at any Internet-ready PC, so whether at home, at college/university, on a work placement or away, students can always keep their record up to date

  • Maintain an up-to-date master CV record by adding employment experience, education and training, along with any voluntary work or achievements along the way

  • Submit their Intent to Register via Career Manager meaning students will gain support from the IET throughout their Initial Professional Development

  • Record technical and business skills evidence developed from a university project – whether working on their own or as part of a group task; team work is a key competence for engineers/technicians who apply for professional registration

  • Set development objectives, plan actions and training for career development by identifying training needs/further learning

  • Keep a record of all tasks undertaken at university, during a gap year and summer/industrial placements; these can be downloaded to Word and used to demonstrate key skills to an employer/tutor/lecturer

  • Familiarise themselves with industry specific frameworks and practice thinking in a logical manner to record evidence demonstrates competence.

A lifetime of support

All of this doesn’t stop when your students leave university. Career Manager can continue to help them with:

Find out more about Career Manager including online training and quick guides.