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Get more out of accreditation

The accreditation requirements underpinned by Accreditation of Higher Education Programmes (AHEP), have been defined by the engineering profession to produce technically able and well-rounded graduates who are thoroughly prepared for a career in engineering.

In recognition of the significant work involved in seeking and maintaining accreditation, we offer the following support to Higher Education institutions:

  • Help with making your initial application
  • A one-day advisory visit, including a report and recommendations
  • A training day for two members of staff
  • Online training for additional staff
  • Transparent and detailed guidance available online via our bespoke Academic database and accreditation management system (ADAMS)
  • A two-day accreditation visit (normally three academics, one industrialist and one member of IET staff)
  • The ability to track the accreditation process via ADAMS
  • An accreditation visit report and action plan
  • Weekday access to advice via telephone or email
  • A dedicated member of staff before, during and after your visit

After being successfully accredited we will offer:

  • An annual report and health check
  • Advice on the suitability of any new programmes for accreditation
  • Facilitation of joint visits
  • Advice on modifying programmes to meet particular levels of accreditation
  • Advice on aligning programmes and department/university regulations with IET policy and UK-SPEC
  • A re-accreditation visit at least every five years
  • Advice and support on partnerships and getting your franchised programmes accredited.

Find out more about the IET accreditation process

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