Academic Partners

Academic Partnership creates a formal platform for engagement, ensuring students and your department get maximum benefit from IET products and services.

Academic Partners UK

Academic Partners was launched in the United Kingdom at the start of the 2009/10 academic year and offers IET accredited university departments one of two Academic Partner packages, which each contain a tailored range of products and services to suit students, technicians and academics.

Our aim is to build on staff and student knowledge and professionalism to create an ever-evolving variety of innovative products and services to enthuse and excite the academic community.

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Academic Partner User Guide


Academic Partner User Guide


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Become an Academic Partner

Gaining Academic Partner status gives your university the opportunity to employ an active and inspiring portfolio of products, encouraging an energetic and lively interaction between the IET and your department.

In this section find out about academic accreditation, Academic Partner criteria, and the full benefits of becoming an Academic Partner.

Academic Partner students

Students included in our Academic Partnerships enjoy all the benefits of student membership.

In this section discover the benefits of student membership.

Academic Partner resource area

Specifically created for existing Academic Partners; discover what's available to you, book workshops, find out important dates and much more.

International Academic Affiliates

The IET Academic Affiliates scheme launched at the beginning of 2011 in both India and China

Discover more about our international partnerships.

Academic Affiliates India.

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