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Academic Partners

Aiming to build upon the knowledge and professionalism of IET accredited universities by providing an ever-evolving suite of innovative resources.

About Academic Partners

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Academic Partners provides a formal platform for engagement, ensuring your university and students get maximum benefit from the IET.

Join Academic Partners

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Become an Academic Partner

Open to all UK IET accredited university departments. Apply to become one of our Academic Partners and get more from the IET.

Get more from your partnership

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Partner resources

Support and engagement the IET can offer you - pick and choose the options which are a best fit for your department and students.

Our partnerships in India

Academic Affiliates

Encouraging a strong interaction between the IET and your department and a gateway to connect with the IET’s international partners from academia and industry.

Help your students go further

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Student resources

Help for students who want to gain an advantage with access to experiences and resources to give them a competitive edge.

Academic Affiliates - China

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Partnerships - China

This partnership programme, has been specifically tailored for China, and is aimed at accelerating collaboration between the IET and top Chinese universities.