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Accreditation policy and guidance

An overview of the IET academic accreditation Policy and Guidance.


The ADAMS user guide will step you through each stage of the system from login to requesting a service to submitting data for an accreditation visit or review. It describes what you need to do at a functional level.


WORD ADAMS user guide (4678 k)

The ADAMS submission guidance provides an overview of the submission requirements for an IET accreditation visit and draws together guidance for Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) on how to complete an accreditation submission. Contained within this document is a table that outlines the input required at each level of the submission.


Policy and Guidance

The summary document below gives an overview of all the policy and guidelines for accredited programmes and how they might be applied by an accreditation panel.  


The following documents contain all the policies and guidelines for accredited programmes. Note that these documents are also available in the relevant sections of the submission guidance and within ADAMS. You can also download a guidance pack that contains all the documents listed below.



Training for HEIs

There are two training events per year that HEIs are able to attend. You will be sent an invitation automatically if you are booked to have a visit in the following academic year, though please contact us if this is not the case.

The usual format of the day is to run through the process, policies and guidelines for IET accreditation in the morning with a chance to discuss any potential issues you may have. The afternoon session is HEI led and is dedicated to the use of ADAMS.

You can download the presentation from the last training event below if you wish to know more detail. Note that the content is subject to change year on year.