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Become an Accreditor


Being an Academic Accreditor allows you to contribute to the development of tomorrow’s engineers by helping to maintain and improve the quality of Higher Education Engineering provision in the UK (and sometimes internationally).

You will also be able to influence the development of accreditation and gain a deep insight into the accreditation process to help you prepare for your own Department’s accreditation visit. It is also an excellent opportunity to network with peers from both the academic and industrial worlds. 


For Academics:

Academic Accreditors are expected to have experience in one or more of the following:

  • External examining.
  • Course leader / programme director position or with a leading role in course management or design.
  • Members of institutional validation and/or review committee.
  • Quality assurance agency auditing.

In addition, they will normally be registrants with appropriate knowledge and experience.

For Industrialists:

Industrialists don’t need to meet the above criteria, though they must have knowledge and experience of the Higher Education sector.

Full details of the criteria and the terms and conditions of becoming an Academic Accreditor are available to download below:

Recruitment process

Our recruitment process has recently changed. Applications will be reviewed once a year (June) by our Academic Accreditation Committee (AAC) and those successful candidates will be required to attend a training session in London (September). The applicant will then attend two accreditation visits normally in one academic year as a ‘trainee accreditor’ and will be asked to be as involved in the process as possible. Feedback forms are completed after each visit by panel members and the IET staff member – this feedback will be formally used to decide whether you are accepted onto the team.

Volunteers can apply by completing the application form below.  Some Accreditors are nominated by existing Accreditors or members of the AAC. All applicants are required to follow each stage of the recruitment process:

  • stage 1- application
  • stage 2- training 
  • stage 3- attending two accreditation visits
  • stage 4- accepted onto team

How to apply

Interested? Please read the terms and conditions before considering to apply to become an academic accreditor.  In order to apply you will need to send your completed application form (available to download below) to Amy Muncer at: Email:   Please note that CVs will not be accepted.