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Honorary Treasurer

Approved by the Board of Trustees on 4 February 2008.

The duties of the Honorary Treasurer are:

(a)To undertake a fiduciary overview of the affairs of the IET and to report to the Board of Trustees. 
(b)To be a point of contact for members on financial questions and on interpretations of financial policy, eg with reimbursement of expenses to members.
(c)To attend and contribute to meetings of the Audit Committee, Finance and Investment Committee and Remuneration Committee.
(d)To attend selectively meetings of any Boards concerned with the management and governance of the IET to ensure compliance with the IET Royal Charter and Bye-laws and Charity Law.
(e)To present the Annual Reports and Accounts to the Board of Trustees and to the Annual General Meeting
(f)To monitor payments from the IET by sampling and reviewing payments over £10,000
(g)To confirm that balances on bank deposits and placements are accurately reported to the Board of Trustees.
(h)To visit Local Networks to maintain a two-way flow of information and ensure that issues for the Honorary Treasurers of Local Networks are communicated when necessary.
(i)To audit the expenses of the President, the trustees and the Chief Executive & Secretary.
(j)To undertake all of the above in liaison with the Chief Executive & Secretary and the Directors of the IET.