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The proposed floor plans rationalise the space available, providing better flow within the building’s historical structure.

Main entrance and ground floor

The reception area will be opened up to be more welcoming for members and visitors. This area will help showcase what the IET gets involved in within the world of engineering and technology. Some of our archive material may be on show for visitors. New lifts from the main reception lobby will greatly improve access for visitors to the building. The ground floor lecture theatre will be modernised and if possible the seating capacity will be increased from the existing 462 seats. Disabled access will be improved in all areas.


Floorplan 3
Ground floor mezzanine
Floorplan 2
Ground floor
Floorplan 1
Basement level


First floor

The first floor library area will move from a static library to an open plan meeting space; this would leave the existing books in situ but the functionality of the library and archives services and staff would move up to a new facility on the second floor within the Faraday Centre for members. Around the building there will be a number of small, medium and large meeting rooms that can be used on their own or together for meetings, exhibitions, seminars, promotions, dinners. All rooms will be modernised to a high standard of comfort and connectivity (AV, IT, wireless capabilities).


Floorplan 5
First floor mezzanine
Floorplan 4
First floor

Second floor

On the second floor a new floor level is planned to be built in the air space currently above the lecture theatre roof. This will house a new lecture theatre to replace the existing council chamber at the front of the second floor. The second floor will be called the Faraday Centre and hold all of the existing member facilities (library, archives, bar, business centre, meeting rooms, interview rooms and drop in facilities for members and their guests to hold informal meetings), plus have a central hub manned by IET staff who can assist members with their enquiries.


Floorplan 6
Second floor

Third floor

The third floor, where the views over the Thames are magnificent, will be opened up by moving the existing kitchen and stores to the basement level.


Floorplan 7
Third floor