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The proposed design will bring Savoy Place’s connection with engineering and technology to the forefront.

At the core of the design is flexibility, energy efficiency, and good IT, AV and wireless connectivity.

Where possible and subject to planning, the design also shows the front facade windows being dropped to floor level to maximise views over The Thames.


New members

Faraday Centre

This image illustrates the new Faraday Centre. Over many years, the boundaries between the members' facilities and those of other functions in the building have become blurred. The proposal is to restore the balance by introducing a distinct members' area - embodying the notion of the building as a home base for the individual members.

Committee room

Committee room

This image illustrates the new committee room. Used in conjunction with the Faraday Centre's facilities, this is a grand room overlooking the river, providing an IET committee or board room which is capable of being divided into two. The divided room(s) could double as a quiet reading/working area when not in use.

Faraday room

Faraday Room

This image illustrates a possible layout for the new Faraday Room as one of a number of flexible event spaces proposed throughout the building. The functions of these will vary greatly, from break-out spaces supporting lecture theatres and other presentation spaces to seminar space requiring a variety of seating configurations.

Library design

Heritage Library

This image illustrates the new library room. The consolidation of all members' facilities on a single floor (the Faraday Centre) liberates the existing library for event use. It is proposed that the character of the library will be retained and that it will function as a book repository within the building.

Riverside room

Riverside Suite

This image illustrates the new Riverside Suite. The third floor is given almost in its entirety to an enlarged Riverside Suite. The relocation of the kitchen to the basement and the incorporation of other adjoining rooms will increase the size of the function room by over 50 per cent.

Watson Watt lecture theatre

Watson Watt lecture theatre

This image illustrates the new Watson Watt lecture theatre. This is a newly created facility on the second floor and located in the light well area above the current lecture theatre. It replaces the existing council chamber and will be the most significant new facility introduced at Savoy Place since the 1909 remodeling of the building - an important and significant introduction providing additional theatre capacity for the building.