Appeals Procedure

Review and assessment of competence of candidates applying for professional qualification.

1. If a candidate applying for professional qualification is dissatisfied with the process or the decision of the Professional Review Interview Assessment Panel, he or she may request an appeal.  The appeals procedure shall be conducted in a fair, just and unbiased manner in accordance with the rules of natural justice. 

2. The candidate should make an Appeal in writing, setting out the grounds for the appeal.

3. The candidate will pay a fee equal to the current application fee for registration.  If the appeal is successful the fee will be refunded.

4. An Appeals Panel of two is appointed by the Chairman of the Registration & Standards Committee.

5. All relevant evidence relating to the case will be made available to the Appeals Panel.

6. The Appeals Panel will report the outcome of the appeal to the Chair of the Registration & Standards Committee, who, in consultation with the Committee, will decide on the outcome.

7. The candidate will be notified of the decision.

8. If the candidate remains dissatisfied, he or she has the right of appeal to EC(UK).