One Team - One Vision

The IET's vision outlines our aims and aspirations.

“Sharing and advancing knowledge throughout the global Science, Engineering and Technology (SET) community to enhance people’s lives around the world.”

The mission outlines how the IET will achieve its vision:

“To build an open, flexible and limitless global knowledge network supported by individuals, companies and institutions and facilitated by the IET and its members.”

The Values of the IET are about what we stand for and guide our approach to our work and business activity:

  • Inclusive and collaborative with all who share our vision;
  • Innovative, flexible and nimble in pursuit of our mission;
  • Digital and global in thought and action;
  • Professional, ethical and excellent in everything that we do.

Active members and staff provide the power that drives the IET. The philosophy underlying the way we work is a ‘one team’ approach which we have jointly developed over the past couple of years, with members and staff working together, on an equal footing. To be effective everyone needs to be aligned to the same vision with a shared understanding of the IET’s purpose, its strategy, its opportunities and constraints. 

Inevitably, it’s not always possible to meet the aspirations of a specific activity - we only have so much resource and we have to comply with statutory and regulatory requirements that can sometimes feel counter-intuitive – but by working together, we can make best use of the resources we’ve got. It’s about working out the best way to deploy the whole team, based on skills and experience and availability.

The IET’s governance structure provides the mechanism for deciding how resources are allocated and ensuring the financial health of the institution. Changes to the governance structure were implemented during the 2008/09 session and, amongst other things, embedded the one team philosophy into the make-up of boards and committees. 

The Boards will contribute to both the strategy and the IET Plan and will oversee the creation of capability, and the development and delivery of the plan. Staff directors as senior staff members are full members of the Boards, enabling decisions to be made in the context of cost and operational performance issues.