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Topic Title: Reasons to be Cheerful
Topic Summary: and count your blessings
Created On: 27 November 2012 08:18 PM
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 04 December 2012 09:01 PM
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Joined: 20 July 2006

Welcome Gibbo, and Amanda.

Somewhat tentatively, I have a litle story to tell you of life in the smoke today.

I am a firm believer in what I call 'come-uppance'. You cut me up and nearly cause an accident in your car, and a few miles down the road you're gonnea get pulled over by the police. I might not be there to see it but it will happen. That kind of thing.

I got mine today. Come-uppance for being a grumpy. This next is not for the delicate amongst you.

Been there a week and a half. It is looking lovely but my time scale is tough. Three floors are complete and ready to varnish so the occupants can now see what I am doing. They have become a little more polite this week.

Mid afternoon the Lady from the Penthouse appeared and offered me a cup of tea. Tada! When she brought it to me, with home made biccies it was in a bone china cup ' Keep calm and Stay Outstanding' She said she had chosen the cup specially. Would I like to use her toilet? Now that is what I call promotion. You bet I would!

She showed me into the most gorgeous place and I went through an ante room into the loo. All Chzech and Speak furniture, and hand embroidered towels, and fluffy lavender soap. Just like I am accustomed to you understand.

Slight problem. There was already a poo in the loo. I flushed it but it didn't go away. So I waited in there until it would flush again and it still didn't go away......Now they are going to think it was me!

Twenty minutes later, after my cup of tea, I took a walk over to the 50p establishement in Hyde Park for a wee.

Hey Ho.

 04 December 2012 09:27 PM
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Posts: 4437
Joined: 21 November 2008

Thank you for sharing that Zs. That story was simply divine.
 07 December 2012 03:51 PM
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Posts: 184
Joined: 19 December 2007

Just to prove I've gotten accustomed to northern life, the thing I'm most shocked about is the fact its 50p to use the loo!


'At some point we all must chose between what is right and what is awesome'
 07 December 2012 07:05 PM
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Originally posted by: Zs
There was already a poo in the loo. I flushed it but it didn't go away. So I waited in there until it would flush again and it still didn't go away......Now they are going to think it was me!

Pity they didn't have a "jobbie weecher", a la Billy Connolly's joke about the aircraft loo and the previous incumbent's jobbie.

I keep a bucket of water in one bathroom, when there is resistance by the occupant/s to leave the premises. A toilet bowl should be carefully chosen to enable efficient flushing, a prerequisite is a close coupled set, and try before you buy.

 07 December 2012 11:10 PM
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Posts: 4437
Joined: 21 November 2008

Your so right jaymack. Although I did get arrested recently for trying out a loo in B & Q recently.
 24 February 2013 08:54 AM
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Posts: 3829
Joined: 20 July 2006

As you can see, I've got cross with all the adverts that have appeared overnight.

Just knocking these threads back.

Did you hear the one about the watchmaker and the IET?
 24 February 2013 10:48 AM
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Joined: 25 May 2005

Reasons to be cheerful a? 'London'; 1967 it was - well when I were a lad it was nice - could park pretty much anywhere and I wasnt the minority of the population then. I was an apprentice for a firm called Denbigh Electrical from souff London, ( Tooting actually ). I woz a skin ed, don't ya know, but I had a brain - that went years ago though! My first job was working at the Haymarket off of Trafalgar square and the first thing, pretty much, I was asked to learn was how to terminate pyros. I remember the 'Professor' , cant remember his name now - was a young foreman - he said that I should undo some pyro terms in this double box in the hallway - and so, duly, I did - unbeknown to me that he was on the other ends winding up a magger to give me a shock - didnt work for some reason but nowadays you be taken to court!

The next one was at Carmen curlers - we had our room in the basement and I think it was the best time for me as I all I did was to run around to the other sparks, about 7 of us there, and take orders - no, not for electrical things - the orders was for what they all wanted for breakfast, ( did you know that 'breakfast' means that you are breaking your fast, after sleeping? ), anyways - off to the the Edgeware Road for the food back and cook the food for 10am. And then the same for lunch and then the afternoon break. So little ole me was a cook for about six months and Maxine from upstairs used to come down for a chat and a grope - good days I remember! The governors weren't too happy when they found out. Eddy, George, the 'professor', Tom, ( not me! ), and Ron all brought cooking things.

Working in London on Sundays was strange - very quiet no one about... my pay was about £1 per day clear. Then on to self employed and then an NIC EIC electrical contractor but I wanted to work around my area and so became a builder. I now try to avoid London although I worked in the Maida Vale area a lot getting there early for three years. I hate London although used to love walking around there with my ex girlfriend of 12 years - shes now married and living in America. I do go out clubbing in London and it quite a dangerous place but I can handle myself and theres been a few 'incidents' once where I took on two 'colourful' muggers... haha! I go there once every other week to various 'clubs'... funny olde world init?

The thing with me is, reading your thing about rude people, I have never put up with rude people... wish I had as I think that I would be a rich person now. If I have something to say, or do, I will. Fronted some very big blokes too - not proud - just making a statement. Maybe its my Yorkshire blood in me - dunno. I have calmed down a bit. A few weeks ago I was working for these clients, more than a year, and he said something and I told him where to stick his work. Same thing with other clients too... why cant I just go with the flow? I will not be talked down to and thats that! I think I look soft and some try to take advantage of that and then they come un-stuck... I remember working at the Canadian embassy in 1967... been to the wholesalers in Victoria and was carrying some large bags and a role of pyro back and theres these two hu-hu-huge security guards from there - there was a bomb scare and no one was allowed into the building, used to be the American embassy that moved across the square, but I thought sod you and walked past them with all my materials... haha.. they picked me up by each arm... walked me backwards and plopped my on the pavement... doh!

Sadly too many Polish workers here now - did you know that the major tongue in London now is Polish? Lots of stories as to what goes on in building sites now too much health and safety now.


Tom.... (The TERMINATOR).


Castle Builders
 24 February 2013 12:46 PM
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Joined: 06 November 2010

In a previous life I spent 7 years (what you would serve for a life sentence, but don't get me started on truthspeak) working in London as a weekly commuter. Traveled from East Acton (Wormwood Scrubs) to Oxford Circus most days. I felt as if I needed a shower when I got off the tube, I usually walked back. A truly depressing place. While working there I took my family to see Blackpool Illuminations, almost as busy as Oxford Circus at Christmas, I bumped into someone while crossing the road and wanted to hit him, it was my fault and he said sorry, I realised how detached I had become from the human race and decided I needed to get out as I am normally a very laid back person.

Went back for a short time a couple of years later and stayed near Brick lane. 10 minutes walk from work. Walking around at night confirmed my belief on what a miserable place it is to eak out an existence, found a downmarket Sainsbury's where no one spoke English unless spoken to in English. Night life is good but it is elsewhere too. I did make tea for the guys trying to find a leak in the communal area of the flats I was living in, I think I was the only person who had spoken to them.

Met lots of lovely people but always at work.

I know lots of people who like the buzz but I can't see it myself.

Back on the tools now in a rural environment and enjoying nearly every minute, even when working on a TP board while standing in a few inches of fertile growing medium :-)
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